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In a statement released today, Pollutrack announced the findings of their hyper-local air quality testing that they’ve been conducting across twenty European (+UK) cities.

With the WHO’s revised, much more challenging air quality guidelines, many more cities are finding themselves falling well below what’s considered “healthy”.

The release from Pollutrack points to Glasgow being among one of the best cities for air quality in the twenty that they’ve studied, including Paris, Madrid, London, Dublin, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Bologna, Manchester, Birmingham, Prague.

You can read the full article here, where I cover these points below

What and how did they measure?

Why is hyper-local air quality data important?

What’s the drawback?

What’s important about their findings?

Full article can be read here



I currently live at the edge of a forest and am heartbroken each time a lorry load of trees is hauled down the hill. But I’m told the forests are managed and this is legal. But is it?

How do I know if this logging is legal or not?

Currently, I am privileged to live within a stone’s throw of a forest. If you’ve watched my video you will see forests and mountains all around. I take morning walks through the forest to clear my head, heal my soul and give me inspiration.

I understand that the logging trade is a significant contributor to the local economy. I can even appreciate the legacy and tradition of burning wood for heat and cooking, and how many households are still almost completely reliant on this today.

Read my full article here



What Will The Forecourt of The Future Sell?

At some point in the near-ish future, electric vehicles (EV) will e more commonplace, and popping out to fill up the car might be an entirely different affair than it is today. What might that look like?

In This Article:

  • Electric Vehicle Range
  • How far can today’s EVs travel on a single charge?
  • Finding Charge Points
  • How do you find charge points, are there enough?
  • Customer Knowledge Revolution
  • How filling stations need to look for new products and services in data.
  • Data and Independent Fuel Retailers
  • How can independent fuel retailers compete in a new data world?
  • An (almost) Fictional Filling Future
  • A near sci-fi scenario of the near-future forecourt.

Read the article in full here





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