Jack, this is great.

It took me a whle to realise I had lost my impact persepective. Then I launched a new business to help get that back.

I now aim to help champion and show case ambitious, inspirational technology leaders and companies that aspire to make UN SDG related impacts on this world.

In doin gthat I have impacted people individually with (what they have told me are) "positive" and "inspiring vibes"

I also pledged to plant a tree for every subscriber and recently I launched a page to allow absolutely anyone to make an impact against a range of SDG focused projects - without even signing up! If you fancy that, go here:


I'm now helping comapnies deliver technoogies that make an impact, having my own personal imapct and supporting otehrs to make an imapct with alomost zero effort, apart from the choice to do it.

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A techie at heart, who loves finding innovative tech and helping people understand what’s possible and what might come. https://wellthatsinteresting.tech