The Role of Digital Carbon Footprints in Modern Companies

Modern Companies, Digital Carbon Footprints

2 min readNov 27, 2023

For modern companies, digital transformation means digital carbon footprints are a bigger deal than you might imagine.

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Did you know that when it comes to digital technologies, their carbon dioxide emissions might be a bigger deal than you think?

Of course, for many organisations digital CO2 emissions are a lower priority. Yet in my experience, there are a significant number of organisations that simply don’t yet realise how impactful this aspect is in their business today, let alone tomorrow.

Companies with extensive facilities, complex supply chains, or a high volume of travel often prioritize reducing emissions associated with these physical operations. And rightly so! These areas have a significant and immediate impact on carbon footprint and require urgent attention.

That being said, as digital technologies continue to play an increasing prevalent role in many businesses, their CO2 impact becomes more of a material matter. While it might not be the primary focus for some companies, it’s still crucial to consider the environmental impact of our digital operations.

For those businesses with a significant digital dependency, it is already important to address the carbon dioxide emissions associated with their digital operations. Understanding digital carbon footprints can help solve some of those tricky, Scope 3 disclosures across purchased goods and services, use of sold products, remote, working, and more.

So a quick question for you, where is your current thinking regarding digital CO2 emissions, and how does your company plan to address these?

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